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Fire stunt / human torch

The stunt is usually performed near water, either from a pier or by jumping to the water from a bridge.
Stunt specifics: the hero is suited up with a wetsuit and other protective clothing. All exposed skin area is also covered with a fire resistant gel. Before “lighting up”, the stunt is rehearsed once and factors such as wind direction and the heroes movements during the stunt are taken into account. The human torch burns approx. 20–45 seconds and the fire is extinguished by jumping into water.

Jumping in a rescue suit

The stunt is performed from a bridge or a cliff. Jumps are most often done from the height of 10 meters but this can of course be adjusted to the jumpers skill level. For the stunt the jumper is suited up in a drysuit which allows you to wear normal clothes underneath. Low temperatures are not an issue and the stunt can also be performed in the winter.

Crazy Tube

…as in riding an inflatable tire towed by a jet ski.
Guaranteed fun bouncing in the waves! Just sit into the tire and enjoy the scenery or optionally struggle to hold on at high speeds. The stunt can be performed in either a drysuit or a wetsuit.

Häkä Häkkinen

…as in speed skiing on the roof of a car – an art perfected by a legendary Finnish speed skier. The hero is dressed in bright neon green speed ski uniform and equipped with all the other necessary gear such as a helmet, ski boots, ski poles and a safety harness. The performer is latched to a pair of skis on the top of a car. Once the appropriate streamlined skiing position is found the hero is secured to the car from his/her harness. The speed ski ride takes about 10 minutes and the maximum speed is between 100–150 km/h. This stunt is available only occasionally due to difficulties in finding a suitable location.

Water-skiing / Wakeboarding

Traditional water skiing or wake boarding available to the whole group.

…as in descending with a rope.
Abseiling can be done from cliffs, buildings, towers, bridges etc. You are provided with a safety harness, rope, carabiners, descending device and a helmet. The descending is done independently but you are attached to a safety line with a trained professional at the other end. Abseiling is usually organized for the whole party but can also be put together only for the bachelor or birthday boy/girl. Easy climbing routes can also be organized as a part of the program.


Pendulum jump can be described as a large bridge swing which is performed by jumping off a bridge to a tight, non-elastic rope. The rope is secured by bringing it under the bridge and attaching it to the opposite side from the jumper. When the jumper starts falling the rope tightens and swings the jumper to the other side of the bridge.

Bungy jumping

If you don’t have a bungee event near you when you need it we can always organize a private bungee. For people in Helsinki or surrounding areas the bungee can be set up at Emäsalo bridge near the city of Porvoo. At this location water dips are also a possibility. After the stunt the jumper is lowered to a small boat and taken ashore. Everyone who jumps gets a diploma.


A Japanese contact sport with a Finnish twist. The wrestlers are suited up in padded sumo costumes. Once on the ring the wrestlers perform a formal greeting and the battle can begin. The purpose is to make the opponent lose their balance or push them out of the ring.

Walking on thin ice (winter)

Get the rest of the party waiting at shore while the “hero” goes for the prize waiting him beyond a stretch of thin ice. The hero is dressed in a drysuit so falling in through the ice is completely safe and you don’t have to worry about catching a cold.


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